rar2cbr recursive renaming script in Ruby

Hi there. For my first post something beautifully stupid and inellegant that does exactly what I want it to. I have lot of comic books and mangas, mostly loose pictures in one book per archive. But I want to open them with the excellent CDisplayEX instead of 7zip, of course. Read More

Ghost on DomainFactory and Apache

I recently switched to a DomainFactory ResellerDedicated hosting solution from my formerly owned VPS to outsource the hassle of dealing with the big webmail providers blocking my server because I was forwarding eMails via IPv6 or behaving according to their standards. But that's another story. Since it's not officially supported Read More

Proxy forward nginx snippet

This is a working snipped for nginx proxy forwarding to a node.js-website or otherwise running site on a non-standard port. Be sure to swap to the right hostname and port you're redirecting to (line 2). If you're using ISPconfig (like me) you can use it by just pasting it Read More

Updating Ghost

For updating the ghost installation to the most recent version 0.5.0 0.5.5 0.5.8 it seems that just copying the contents of the content/ directory while not overwriting the content/themes/casper/ folder does the trick. I like keeping the old ghost folder intact in Read More

Install ghost blog on a server with ISPConfig

It is no trivial task to deploy a node.js-website on a server which is running ISPConfig. Apache already occupies the standard http port but with proxypass you can deploy multiple node.js-websites on your ISPConfig vHosts. I'm running Debian Wheezy but everything except the installation of of node.js Read More